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After failing to agree on a school finance measure before the official end of the 82nd Legislative Session, the Texas Legislature is holding a special session, adding critical time to continue fighting for additional revenue sources.

Legislators have neglected to address the structural deficit resulting from the current tax code. Instead, Texas faces at least $15 billion in budget cuts across the board.

We need to continue our hard work throughout the special session.

Now is the time to write your State Senators and Representatives to let them know you are in favor of the right to vote on allowing slot machines at registered racetracks and federally-recognized Indian reservations in Texas.

If you are new to the issue, please take a few minutes to read about our vision and the impact this could make to the great State of Texas and thanks for joining us. We look forward to this Win For Texas.

Win For Texas is asking the Texas Legislature to let the people of Texas decide. Please read our site for more information and learn more about what you can do to help.

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